In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Food for the Soul (and the Stomach).”

Yes, that’s right. My favorite food is FOOD. I love food, and when it comes to food my favorite is simply anything that edible. That’s being said, there are a few dishes that I eat more frequently than others. Not because I like it more than the others, but because my mom or my girlfriend cook more often.  Let’s review some of them.

The first dish is my dad favorite and one of the best dish that my mom makes. It’s called Pho. You have probably heard about the dish before. It is traditional Vietnamese food, one of the oldest, yet delicious dish that comes from my country. My mom version of Pho is slightly different that what you usually have in the restaurant. It has stronger flavor, more meat, more noddles and of course more love. I consider myself a lucky guy to be able to eat her exceptional food everyday. Man, writing this make me feel hungry again.

The second dish is one of my girlfriend’s secret weapon. Whenever she wants something from me, she will make this dish because she knows fully well that after I eat her dish, I will give up to anything she desires for. The dish is a fusion between Italian and Asian. You hear it right, Italian and Asian, LOL. My girlfriend just learned how to cook recently as we moved out to live by ourselves. I don’t have the name for the dish yet but it is a combination of chicken broth soup ( the Asian way) and Costco precooked Ravioli. It’s a weird combination, yet it tastes so good. Every time she cooks it, I feel like I just waste a whole week of exercise because I eat too much.

Food is fun, and I love food. We live to enjoy food, not the other way around.